Bioharmony has a proud tradition of complementary healthcare, capitalising on trusted traditional herbal remedies, combined with modern clinical research.

With a range of 38 complementary medicines, Bioharmony offers you an extensive selection of everyday essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure your optimum health, as well as specialized products that give you the natural alternative to allopathic medicine for a broad selection of clinical conditions.

The Bioharmony range includes an effective multivitamin formulation that covers the A-Z of your vitamin requirements, an EFA-rich Omega supplement for brain and body health and immune booster for those times when your body is under stress.

Bioharmony also offers supplements formulated specifically to help you deal with problems from ADHD to allergies, from concentration and memory to menopause, and from sports injuries to diabetes and exhaustion.

Instantly recognisable, the familiar Bioharmony green pack with the apple icon, is found in Dischem, Clicks, health shops and pharmacies throughout South Africa

All Bioharmony products are manufactured in accredited pharmaceutical factory facilities registered with the Medicines Control Council of South Africa, ensuring the quality and efficacy of each formulation and individual product.